Web accessibility issues for cognitive disability


Cognitive Disability

THE COGNITIVE disablement is a disablement in which individual has trouble in one or more mental undertakings. It is a learning disablement. A individual with Cognitive disablement holding a jobs like short term memory loss, dyslexia. A individual with this disablement need a aid in everything. The individual with minor Cognitive Disabilty can work like other normal people despite his disablement. The Cognition refers to the procedure of cognizing. It includes the favoritism between and choice of relevant information, apprehension and keeping in the appropriate information.

Cognitive Disability may be seen as reduced in efficiency in day-to-day life.

The construct of cognitive disablement is highly wide and can non specify decently.Many people do n’t see Cognitive disablement as a disablement. A individual with cognitive disablement need aid for about everything. Some people combine mental retardness with cognitive disablement.

Harmonizing to “ American Association for Mental Retardness, an grownup is considerd to hold a cognitive disablement based on three standards.

One standard is intelacual operation ( intelligence quotient ) that trial at 70-75 or below. “ However it entirely does non find the degree at which some one maps. Other factors must be present before a individual is considered to hold cognitive disablement ” .

Types of Cognitive Disability

Cognility Disability can be divide in two types which Functional vs. Clinical Cognitive Disabilities. Clinical Cognility disablement include Autism, Down syndrome, Dementia. But for the web Accessibility the cognitive Disabilty can be describe as Functional Disability which is more appropriate.

v Clinical Cognitive disablement

5 Functional Cognitive Disability

Clinical Cognitive disablement: The term Clinical cognitive Disability can utilize for medical Treatment intents.

It includes following types of Cognitive Disability which are as follow:

Down Syndrome: Down Syndrome is named after British Doctor “ John Langdon Down ” who describe this in 1887. The down syndrome cause a hold in developing the kid mentally every bit good as Physically. It affect 1 kid from 800 kids. The Down Syndrome caused by Chromosomes. A child inherit chromosomes from cistrons 23 from Mother and 23 from Father sum of 46. But in down Syndrome they have entire of 47 Chromosomes which caused Down Syndrome. The kid with Down Syndrome is developing or overdeveloped. It is the 1 of the frequent cause of mental deceleration.

Autism: Autism is the type of the disablement which is familial and the individual who has this Disability can hold trouble in societal communicating, interaction and besides with societal imaginativeness. Peoples with Autism do non look Disabled and its hard to state by merely looking at them whether they autistic or non. They can acquire the benefit by timely Diagnosis.

Dementia: The Dementia is describe as when the encephalon is affected by specific conditions and disease. It leads to short of memory, temper alteration jobs. It increase bit by bit if no intervention is done and become worse.

Harmonizing to “ Alzheimer ‘s Research trust Dementia is impacting 820,000 people in UK and it is lifting twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours ” .

Functional Cognitive Disability: Functional Cognitive disablement can be describe for Web handiness which is more appropriate. It has several signifiers which are as follow:

· Learning disablement

· Dyslexia

· Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD )

· Brain Injury

· Genetic Diseases

Learning disability- Harmonizing to Teens Health ( “ disablement does n’t hold anything to make with a individual ‘s intelligence after all, such successful people as Walt Disney, Alexander Graham Bell, and Winston Churchill all had learning disablements. Peoples with Learning Disability does non hold job merely in their occupation or School but it besides has immense impact on their forces life every bit good ” . Children with larning disablement frequently has job with understanding linguistic communication, math and besides has job with placing the words which look similar to each other like E or degree Fahrenheit and B or P are two illustrations of similar words. Sometimes parents ca n’t accept that their kids has Learning disablement they put force per unit area on their kids which leads to depression. Its sometimes becomes a battle for a individual with larning disablement Earning disablements can be detect when kids struggle to larn in their school old ages.

Dyslexia- The British dyslexia association refer dyslexia as a acquisition disablement which chiefly affect y the literacy and linguistic communication related accomplishments. The dyslexia individual has trouble in reading because they find hard to concentrate on a text. Sometimes they ca n’t retrieve what they already read.

Washington University study of research demoing that dyslexic kids ‘s encephalons have to work five times every bit difficult as non-dyslexic kids when working at riming mystifiers. However, there is no difference when they are working at musical mystifiers.

Where as dyslexia Research Trust suggest that “ There is a clear biological footing to dyslexia. Familial surveies suggest around 50 % is inherited, prevalence across civilizations is similar ( and independent of socio-economic position and IQ ) , and more males than females are affected. Differences in encephalon construction in dyslexia include an unusual symmetricalness of linguistic communication countries and microscopic differences in the agreement and connexion of nerve cells ” . ( Beginning: British Dyslexia Association )

The dyslexia people frequently unable to separate BETWEEN THE WEB PAGE MATERIALS.In peculiarly with the sites holding similar images or artworks frequently lead to confusion for individual who is affected with Dyslexia.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD ) : It is the most common mental upset which developed in kids. If this non treated it have an long term inauspicious consequence on kid. ADHD besides known as Hyper Kinetiuc upset It is affected 3-5 per centum kids globally. This is disorder more common in male childs as compared to misss. Surveies in United States indicates about 8 to 10 per centum of satisfy diagnostic standards for ADHD. ADHD individual may hold problem in forming things or may even disrupt other people. Person with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity may hold trouble in completing assignment or undertakings from place exchanging from one activity to another.

Brain Injury: – There are figure of grounds for encephalon hurt including shot, unwellness, traumatic hurt and encephalon tumours. Every encephalon hurt is different from other. This can non be predict how peculiar thing affect the encephalon of the individual. The extent hurt of encephalon determine the result of individual abilty to treat information.

Familial Disability: – The Familial Disability such as Down Syndrome, Autism and Demnetia affect separately. Some individual with these disablements are able to work at higher degree than others.Down syndrome individual can may work at high adequate degree who live independently while others with down syndrome demand aid for every undertaking.

Solutions to net handiness issues for cognitive disablement

There are non any solutions which are full cogent evidence still we can make something tpo help the people with cognitive disablement. Many of the web sites does non see people with disablement as their mark audiences. But the sites like educational or proficient can non except the people with disablement as their mark audiences. To assist people with cognitive disablement to entree the web 1 has to believe carefully before planing a website.The following things prove to be helpul for people with cognilty disablement.

“ The Web Accessibility Initiative is involved in making guidelines for authoring tools, browsers and content creative activity. These guidelines consist of multiple checkpoints which checks the handiness standard for the people with disablement. Each checkpoint has multiple cheque which guarantee about the standards of the design ” .

· There must be a proviso for expansion of text

· Document construction should be simple and clear

· Provide good illustrated text

· Use consistent navigational techniques

· Keep to normally used convention s ”

These guidelines are utile for a broad scope of disablements. There is a deficiency, nevertheless, of specific checkpoints or techniques that could increase handiness for specific cognitive damages. WCAG 1 already promotes the undermentioned checkpoints that benefit the Cognitively Disabled. They include:

· Use simple linguistic communication to organize a high interest/low vocabulary semantic content

“ NIYA, a non-profit with a Web handiness pattern, was contracted to set about a redesign of the ADA Insights Web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.adainsights.org/ the chief intent of this web site to do it more accessible for the people with disabilty. The article highlight the cognitive disabilty disablement. “ ( beginning: www.adainsights.oirg ” )

Software ‘s which Specially Designed for the Peoples with disablement

* Accesss Gateway is a package which consist of browser within browser supplying more control over web sites are displayed. The chief intent of this package to do web easier for the people with print disablement such as users with print disablement and dyslexia. It besides translate web pages to other linguistic communications and displayed as image if no encoding supported by the user browser

* Another Lens is a package which displays the country of a mouse pointer

* Black window enhanced visibleness and cut down distractibility of other plans.

* Bobby: – It is an handiness proof tool design to assist net page interior decorators to place and fix mistakes through which help the individual with disablements.

* Click -N-type is a package which turns figure tablet into a keyboard like cell phone computer keyboard which is truly helpful for the people who can non utilize keyboard.

Planing of Web Pages for people with disablement

There are three regulations to assist the people to entree the web with cognitive disabilty

1. The content and design of your Web site must be simple.

2. Avoid site pilotage in different locations..

3. Use icons, images and other ocular tools to convey cardinal thoughts

1.The content and design of your web site must be simple- It is truly of import to maintain the design of the website simple because if its complicated so it becomes impossible for people with disablement to entree the web site and hard for normal people too..Because non every individual can understand English or complex linguistic communication. The people whose first linguistic communication is non English besides face the troubles while accessing the web site. The complex design besides create confusions for the people with cognitive disablement and ocular disablement like pop-up, winking images like winking images and unneeded ads.

Avoid site pilotage is in different location- The pilotage of web page must be consistent throughout the web site which should non be full of bill of fare which makes complicated for the people with Cognitive disablement.

The is image equal to a 1000 words. This is truly assist for the people who has the the trouble in reading and understanding the text. with the image they can understand with easiness. . This is an country which needs more attending. . We know we should do images accessible to screen readers ( used by people with vision damages ) by utilizing “ Alt-text ” image descriptions. But how frequently do you hear about supplying functional and descriptive images to assist people who understand visually.


Web Designers needs to measure the demands for the people with cognitive handicappeds and non handle them as physically disabled but the people with particular demands which require particular attending. We understand the jobs for cognitive disabled is difficult to understand because they face the jobs in their day-to-day which other people don, t think of. For illustration they face difficulity in distinguish between right and left which makes them sneak utilizing confounding. And they ca n’t read text easy as other people. They ca n’t even separate between some letters on keyboard. Web interior decorators need to desigtn a web site to maintain the people with Cognitive Disability as their audience besides because these are the individuals for cyberspace and computing machines prove to be a blessing. This is necessary to plan the web sites which minimise the accomplishments required to voyage them.

Options for user to command Content: The Websites should supply the user with the option in which user can command the contents of web site: how they display. The user able to alter the size of fount in order to set for harmonizing to their demand. The web site besides provide the option like text position or in writing position. And besides there must be a option to alter the background coloring material of web site and any user can set this harmonizing to their demand and besides adjust the velocity of artworks. Below there is a illustration of web site in which user can non make anything except to shut this web site.

Example of a bad website Colour and graphics.. www.evangelcathedral.net/welcome.htm

When you open this web site you get the brassy colors and fast moving images which makes impossible for anyone to concentrate on the web site. It includes the loud music which can easy upset anyone. The artworks use in this site is truly bad and any individual will avoid this web site for many grounds.

Cosmopolitan Design: The Late Ron Mace developed the construct of cosmopolitan Design, who was an designer and applied scientist with disablement has wholly changed the manner we think about the handiness. The Universal Design is a design which is accessible for every individual including the individual with disablements. Universal Design means giving attending to old people, immature people, adult female at same clip. It is really hard to suit the thought of cosmopolitan design but still it is a fantastic thought of cosmopolitan design. It is impossible to make the design which is to the full accessible but some stairss can be taken to come near this construct. In contrast Universal Design harmonizing to the Centre of Universal Design “ is the Design of Universal Products and environment which is useable for all people without the demand of particular design.The merchandises which is designed for handicapped people frequently benefits others besides. Like when show of the telecasting in railwaystations and airdromes are installed to assist the people who can non hear the sound because of noisy sound and every bit good as who is deaf and at the same clip it serve as a sorce of amusement.

Web sites which Design to Suit the Users with disablements

* hypertext transfer protocol: //www.netreach.net/ : This site design for the individual with disablements. It has full information for the people with disablement including their wellness, instruction, occupations etc. This site has a different page for different sort of disablement. This site designed by handicappeds who puts his attempts to do this web site accessible for all. It besides include the big text for the people who need big text for comfy reading.

* Other web site is http: //www.iser.com/ : This site is a directory of particular instruction directory. It besides gives the thoughts on assorted disablements to assist the individual with certain sort of disablement This site is the independent site which is non affiliated with any larning disablements professional or resource centre listed. It serve as a directory like xanthous pages focused specially on instruction and learning resources for handicapped individuals.

* National Centre to Improve Practice in Special Education Technology, Media and Materials

National Centre to Improve Practice has attempted to do a web site accessible for all the people with following broad scope of guidelines and recommendation for handiness. It besides has option for merely text or with images. This site avoid the usage columns, tabular arraies. It maintains the consistent layout through the web site.

Restrictions for people with cognitive disablement

To plan a web page or do handiness for cognitive disable individual is far greater challenge than individual with other disablements. Web handiness for visually disabled or with mobility disablement is rather straightforward. The merchandise which is easy to utilize does non give the reply to cognitive disablement it must be easy for the other user terminal besides.

Web Designers need to measure the demand of cognitively handicapped people non sing them as Physically disabled or field retarded, but as particular people with particular demands.Sometimes they found the trouble with audio sounds which are played in the background of a web site and and this noise do them confound. They besides have a job to come in any information or multiple slides in the chief page of the web site. A broad assortment of assistive engineering available for cognitive people.It would be a good thought to voyaging the web site with the aid of assistive engineering. Web interior decorators need to plan the merchandise which is utile for the people with cognitive disability.For a individual with disablement cyberspace and computing machine can turn out to be a blessing.

Issues for Web Accessibilty for Disabled

Technological Issues: There is a batch of betterment in engineering but there is a still demand to develop the engineering which makes the web accessible for everyone. There a certain limited grounds that the audio description of a cd-rom aid kids with dyslexia to concentrate Long

Description assist the unsighted people to entree but there is no farther research on that subject

There are several tools available but they are non to the full comprehensive. There are few package ‘s which are designed in order to assist the handicapped are as follow: –

These are the few package ‘s which design to assist the people with disablement which makes slightly easy for the people but these package ‘s are besides non full cogent evidence. Solutions to disablement. Most of these package ‘s are focused on the people with physical disablement and non much hold for a people with Cognitive Disability.

Economic Issues and societal issues: – The cost of developing these package ‘s is really high. Most of the package developer does non believe about the people with disablement as their mark audience. There is a deficiency of research traveling for the people with cognitive disabled. Most of the web sites are non designed harmonizing to the guidlines. Now its non easy to construct that site all once more which is already exists make handicapped people entree. Most of the package developers passing money in new engineerings but pay really small attending to people with Disabilty.

Decision: Web Accessibility for people with Cognitive Disabilities has bring forth a immense involvement in the web development although there is a deficiency of research implement on how to continue. This study has been taken into consideration for the people with cognitive disablement to do Web Accessible for them and they can besides acquire the benefit of this engineering.

Many people do non see Cognitive disablement as a disablement. There are non many attempts done to suit this disablement. Most of the attempts done to suit the ocular damage and coloring material sightlessness. Peoples with cognitive disablement needs aid for about everything. The web Designers should seek to do a design universal which is accessible for everyone and they must believe of the people with disablements.


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