The Impact of Overusing Cellphones on Children

People of all ages are addicted to mobile phones, everyone loves to see the whole world in a single screen. Perhaps, it is like a drug that goes into the veins of all humans. In this recent period of technology, an abundance of the generation is overusing the cellphones which lead to mental as well as physical illness especially, on eyesight. Moreover, it creates distance between the relations by spending precious time in playing games and using social media. Mobile phones change the lives of teenagers as they live in a virtual world of their imagination.

In the upcoming paragraphs, I will explain the reasons behind all these arguments with the help of some examples.

Firstly, each group of society is abusing technology. But here I talk about the infants who stuck with their smartphones, most of the time. They are friendly in using phones because they love to explore something adventurous. But the fact is that children can use mobiles to some extent for various purposes.

It is commonly noticed all over the world that even children under the age of 12 have cellphones which highly impact on their health such as mental and physical illness. Further, holding cellphones in hands all the time catches radiations that lead to ‘Digital eye strain’ which includes eye problems like a fuzzy view, irritation or itching in eyes, pain on shoulders as well in the neck. Thus, the light emitted on the screen put negative impacts on the eyesight which sometimes leads to permanent vision loss ( Brindle).

The excessive use of phones results in stress and having a negative mental state.

Mostly, children hold mobile phones in their hands while sleeping. And whenever there is a notification of games, social media or anything else disturbs them during a nap. It causes serious damage to mental health. Instead of playing games, they can surf the internet to explore educational research. Furthermore, in the remaining time, they can go outside to do physical activities. They can play outdoor games with their friends. It is beneficial for children to have a mobile phone so that in an emergency, they can contact their family or peers. But they must follow boundaries while using their smartphones. To get rid of sleep loss, switch off the mobile phones before going to bed.

Besides, it is found that the person who uses smartphones more years as compared to those who use fewer years has a great risk of glioma which is a tumor in the nervous system. More contact with mobiles has great suffering from the brain tumor due to the radiations caused by cellphones. It is concluded that in some countries that there is a huge number of phones as compared to the number of young generations in the nation. Thus, adults suffer more than any other group of the community because in the present time teenagers have more cellphones than others and they consume most of the time surfing online sites. Thus, the only solution is not to get the treatment even, our responsibility to a minimum the use of electronic gadgets in their daily routine.

Secondly, the overuse of mobiles creates distance between the family members and toddlers. It is normally seen that kids spent most of the time on phones even while studying and parents assume that they are hardworking by doing additional activities to get excellent grades in the education field. By this, infants get habitual to it in their daily routine because their elders believe on them and this turn them to consumes precious time on doing irrelevant activities such as chatting online, playing violet games like PUBG which is most popular in these days. In past years, if a child wants to contact any friend then they contact from their home mobile which was handled by an elder person of the family. Therefore, family members had all the information regarding their children where they and to whom they will meet but nowadays, it is totally contradictory. Teenagers have their own cellphones to use and parents have no knowledge that what they are doing and with whom they are ( Taylor).

Furthermore explaining, parents must put check on the daily schedule of their loved ones so that they can show the right path to follow for a crystal-clear future. Because in this technological time, there are thousands of frauds online who trap teenagers and then blackmailing them which causes stress and fear among the children. It is fine to have a cellphone so that we can use it in an emergency, but kids are having no sense of this selfish world. The solution for this is that parents give simple phones to toddlers to carry outside like school or going with friends so that they can use that just for contacting not like using social media and all that. They can give their own phones for educational purposes to offspring in their presence and get a chance to spend time with them.

Thirdly, smartphones fully change the lives of teenagers as they live in a virtual world. In this period of cellphones, nothing is supposed to be real. Thus, having a smartphone means exploring the whole world in a second. According to Sasson, we see people and the whole globe on the screen but in actual they are not real. It is becoming a trend to upload every single moment on social media for fan following and getting likes and comments. Kids also follow the same criteria such as watching videos and the status of people on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and on many more apps. Now, people first do not say thanks to God for a beautiful morning, instead of this, they first see the status updates and comments on them.

Moreover, the author Sasson describes in his gold words that rather than wasting time on the internet, we can go outside and interact with nature and see colorful flowers, green trees, clouds, and many more god gift items which will relax and soothe our mind. Additionally, it will enhance the health level by spending time in the fresh air. The world outside the screen is more real than a world closed or captured in a box. Thus, using a smartphone is beneficial but it depends upon are the self that we are holding it, or it will suppress you and consumes all of your time. Hence, it depends on teenagers that they use the internet on mobiles as a boon or curse for themselves.

Epitomizing, everyone loves to open the bundle of things from a single box, smartphone. Phones act as a drug because everyone is addicted to it. Moreover, the excessive use of mobiles leads to health problems, physical as well as mental issues. Having a bundle of notifications and surfing on the internet most of the time leads to diseases such as sleep loss, vision problems, and many more health-related concerns within children due to the radiations through the screen. This all can be resolved with the help of parents to control their child to save from any consequences of the abuse of technology. Further, it creates distance between the families and children because children mostly spend a lot of time on phones for study and other purposes, but the family just thought that they use only for educational purposes. Sometimes toddlers tend to cheat their elders by playing games or doing other online activities during study time which is not acceptable so parents should put check on them to give them a direction to enhance their level of respecting every act in life.

Therefore, smartphones offer a virtual world to teenagers in which they get trapped and go far away from the real world day by day. They just see all the people and activities on the screen and stay in their bed, but it is in their hands and even family to guide them to interact with the natural world. They can go outside and feel the real world instead of the virtual created by cellphones. The natural things like plants, flowers, and birds heel and give relaxation to get rid of the stress or any other mental or physical issues. Thus, everyone can take a pledge to a minimum the use of cellphones in their daily schedule to maintain their life healthy and full of joy as well as happiness.


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