Swot-Anaylsis Teilauto Carsharing 2011

SWOT-Analysis Carsharing After having faced all necessary aspects for a success of teilAuto, it’s now useful to have a look on and to compare all interior and exterior characteristics of teilAuto to have a complete overview of the company’s status. The mostly used instrument for this research is the so-called SWOT-Analysis in which interior and exterior features of the company are confronted. Interior features, strengths and weaknesses, describe the inside of the firm without any external influence to see what should be changed in future and what is already success-supporting.

Every positive or negative influence that has to be expected from outside the company is shown in the external features, opportunities and threats. Strengths Taking a look on the strengths of teilAuto, it is easy to see the advantages of carsharing in general to buying and driving a car for oneself. Using the services of carsharing is cheaper than driving an own car as long as carsharing was not used to often and the driven kilometers and times of usage were under break even point.

In general this point is between driven distance of 10. 000 to 20. 000 kilometers per year, depending on the company QUELLE 1 RECHNUNG-BREAKEVENPOINT!!

Als Quelle! The majority of the carsharing-companies have offer the advantage of a relatively modern car pool. TeilAuto especially has no car that has been registered before. 2006 “SOURCE TELEPHONE WITH TEILAUTO 08. 07. 2011 01:12p. m. ” QUELLE 2 This means a high level of safety, comfort and functionality for the clients. Overhead costs like historical cost, rental of garages, taxes and insurance rates are no longer necessary, using carsharing.

The only running expenses through the usage of teilAuto is a monthly paid premium of 9 Euros. QUELLE 3 http://www. teilauto. et/privatkundentarife. php? f=1#rahmentarif 08. 07. 11 16:04) When using an own car, it is not possible or at least not too easy to change the car when needing another type of vehicle. So, for example, having a “Smart” is good for driving through the city and finding much parking space. But even the weekly shopping of a small family could become a problem for such a small car. The other possibility is to have a big car which could even handle a bicycle or a table. But is a vehicle of this size really necessary for just meeting up some friends? The solution is given through he offer of carsharing, especially teilAuto. It offers about 330 cars of seven types, beginning at a small size of the “Smart” and ending at a car-weight of 3,5 tons. So, appropriate to the situation, the type of the used car can be chosen very flexible. QUELLE 4 http://teilauto. dbcarsharing-buchung. de/kundenbuchung/process. php? proc=tarifklassen&f=1 08. 07. 11 04. 33 p. m. Duties like technical service or official formalities for the car are no longer the customer’s assignment. Carsharing is one possibility for a high level of mobility, adding all other vehicles of public transport.

Through this, it is possible to reduce the pressure of rush-hours on the streets, especially in bigger cities. According to this it is a fact that the service of carsharing has positive environmental impact. This effect comes through the lower rate of driven kilometers per person and by car. Customers of carsharing often use other possibilities of travelling like train, bicycle or even only going by foot. QUELLEE 5 !!!!!! Weaknesses One of the most important requirements for the success of teilAuto is the availability of the cars at any time.

If this was not possible to be realized the best argument for carsharing would be missing, such as the customer wants to be mobile and flexible due to this service. So, it is seen as a clear disadvantage that the usage of the service is limited especially on the weekends. Additional to that, the offer of carsharing places outside the core cities is felt insufficient. QUELLE 6 http://www. carsharing. at/upload/docs/PDF/Synthese. pdf S. 30 10. 07. 11 04. 29 p. m. It is also possible to feel carsharing as a restrictment of the personal comfort because it would be necessary to plan the usage of a car in forward.

Furthermore, it is necessary to plan and to specify the duration of the usage. At this time, customers of teilAuto have the possibility of spontaneously lengthen the usage of a car. The problem only is, that this depends on the fact, that the rented car is not booked by any other following user. One other fact that stands against carsharing, and especially teilAuto is that, actual, the customer has to return the car to the place where he got it from. So he is not allowed to rent a car in Berlin and give it back Leipzig. Finally, this means a lower possibility of acting spontaneously.

A person with an own car right in front of his house is just more flexible than a customer of carsharing. QUELLE 7 http://www. carsharing. at/upload/docs/PDF/Synthese. pdf S. 44 10. 07. 11 04. 34 p. m Furthermore, carsharing is not suitable for those who are forced to drive daily or those who just don’t want to use other means of transportation like bicycle or tram. A daily usage of carsharing would not be economic because the expanses for the rental would soon surpass the costs for an own car. Next to the last points against carsharing there are also some, more emotional disadvantages of it.

Possessing an own car has something to do with reaching a particular status very often. It is about owning something that one has worked for and it is completely under one’s control. Some people even develop an emotional relation between themselves and their vehicles. Renting a car makes it impossible to personalize the inside of it, to “feel home”, because it seldom will be the same car that is rented and it’s not allowed to leave personal accessories at all. Opportunities Though it’s obvious that there are some arguments against teilAuto and against carsharing in general, the branch finds itself in a position of huge future potential.

Regarding the development of the last five years in which the rate of customers of teilAuto rose over more than 20 % per year, it is probable that the number of teilAuto customers grows from actual 18. 000 to over 90. 000 until 2020. For being able to handle this number of users it will become necessary to raise the offer of 330 cars to over 1600 vehicles. QUELLE 8!!! For this amount of cars it will be inevitable to organize a huge capacity of parking space. This theme is actually discussed in government and communities, and there are already some opinions known that would support reserving more space explicitly for carsharing companies.

QUELLE 9 The most important reason for this governmental support is the positive effect that carsharing has on both traffic and environment. Due to the lower rate of driven kilometers per year by car, the pressure in traffic gets reduced which helps the environment. Since 2007 the CO2 emissions were reduced QUELLE 10 and it is expected to sink even faster the next years. Another Opportunity is the scientific support by the government. QUELLE 11 http://www. docstoc. com/docs/43750649/Bestandsaufnahme-und-M%C3%B6glichkeiten- der-Weiterentwicklung-von-Car S. 63 14. 07. 1 15:57Uhr It is being researched whether and how carscharing impacts the driving behavior of the society. A positive result of the discussion is the idea of involving the idea of carsharing into the German environmental association. Being part of this association would cause another support for the branch. QUELLE 12 http://www. docstoc. com/docs/43750649/Bestandsaufnahme-und-M%C3%B6glichkeiten-der-Weiterentwicklung-von-Car S. 171 14. 07. 11 23:42Uhr Next to the chance of governmental support there is another possibility of gaining an immense number of new customers. Cooperation with public transit.

An example would be to offer disount for traincards when becoming a member of teilAuto. This cooperation would lead the parties to a win-win-situation. QUELLE 13 http://www. docstoc. com/docs/43750649/Bestandsaufnahme-und-M%C3%B6glichkeiten-der-Weiterentwicklung-von-Car S. 171 14. 07. 11 16:20Uhr Every new member of teilAuto has to fill the gap of routes that are too short for renting a car and too long routes for walking. So, the solution is either bicycle or train and bus. By reducing the prices of the public transit it is very probable that it will be used very often.

Threats To get a complete view of a company’s situation, it is absolutely inevitable to talk about the possibilities of any negative development, of all the risks, the threats. Especially this branch has to be very aware of this point because its success depends on so many external influences. An important point for succeeding and the expenditure in future is the governmental support as shown before. If carsharing didn’t get a special treatment in the meaning of extra rentable parking space, it would be very hard to spread the offer through bigger cities.

The effect would be that carsharing companies weren’t able to handle a rise of number of customers. Consequently this would occur a high rate of unsatisfied demand of the costumer, which could lead to a large number of resignations. Other than the general competition among the branch of carsharing there are some other offers of mobility which could become dangerous. Mercedes for example thought about how to react on the growing number of carsharing customers. It is planned to publish a Smart-Fleet. (BESCHREIBUNG UND AUSWIRKUNG) One other future risk is the offer of cheap cars in addition to the fact that the

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