Positve and negative effects of life events

Jane experiences an expected life event; she leaves her parents and home, due to start University quite far away. This causes her to become homesick and miss her family and home, however positively she will have gained freedom to do new things without the observance of her parents, giving her the chance to increase her independence and handle situations alone, the excitement of meeting new people and new opportunities.

However, negatively she may have to adapt to a new life, the fear of not knowing anyone may cause social withdrawal, financial worries, learning to live alone and create new daily living routines, meeting the wrong group of people causing her to engage in negative behaviors as such.

Her unexpected event is that is pregnant after a binge drinking session.

This unexpected experience may affect her negative emotionally, causing stress about whether to keep the baby – if she is how will she cope with university, fear, resentment, frustration, then intellectually she would be confused – wondering how to cope with motherhood or whether to make an adoption plan.

However the physical changes also affects her body and lifestyle greatly, she would need to consider the activities she engages in, such as drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, sleep, and her diet.

Jane would need additional support, strong advice from a qualified person, on what to do with her pregnancy, whether she wants to keep the child and be aware of the sacrifices she will make, and responsibilities she will have. She could confide in a female friend, who experienced the same problem and choose the best solution for herself.

Sarah experiences 2 expected life events, one is being engaged and hoping to get married as soon as possible. She is planning on to take a big step and joins her life with another individual.

Emotionally she would need to be strong and certain of herself, if she’s ready for the huge changes such as; learning to cope with partnership; sharing accommodation; supporting financially; getting used to a new lifestyle; learning about new neighborhood and setting. These could affect her negatively as well as felling the loss of freedom, giving up independence, the expense of getting married (whilst she’s still in student debt), the pressure of family, and the fear of commitment.

However positively she would be satisfied with the happiness and excitement of sharing her life with another, being sexually active, rise in the self-esteem, feeling of belonging and being loved, also financial support from the partner. Sarah also begins her first job, another big change in her life. A brand new job could create negative effect on Sarah’s well being, she may feel anxious, uncertain of what to expect, fear of being socially rejected by others at work, she would also have to learn how to cope with working hours, how to communicate with other individuals new to her, new settings and how to do her job correctly.

However starting a job can be a stimulating and a positive experience for her, she may feel excited that she will gain new opportunities and meet new people, increase her in independence, have less financial worries, and be more engaged in social activities and Sarah may quickly adapt to her working environment making her employment a less nerve wracking experience. Sarah could talk to her family, possibly her mother about getting married, to be certain about whether she’s sure, and if she has the willingness to compromise with her partner to be, and also advice will help her.

Also giving her practical help with organizing the marriage ceremony will help her stress decrease. Professional wise, Sarah could accept counseling and spiritual advice, and probably spiritual support from her religion. Talking and being listened to will help meet a person’s emotional needs, her friends could give her advice about the working world, on how to settle down and interact with others. Michael experiences a very likely occurrence that happens in life, he starts his primary education.

On his first day, he may experience several emotions, negatively one of them being the sense of loss. Commonly it’s the time young individuals will be left to cope by themselves. Emotionally they may feel the sense of abandonment, the feeling of anxiety – who to talk to, fear of social rejection by other peers; and they might cry and stress and also experience shock. However school can be a positive influence on Michael’s well being.

Starting school for him could make him feel proud and give him a self image of being ‘grown up’ enough to engage in school activities without his parents being there; which leads to increased independence, he could also be excited to make new friends and to create a new life routine. However Michael then has an unexpected life event. He moves away from his original home and country, this may be a difficult time for him, affecting him negatively. He may feel scared, traveling to a brand new environment where things may be different, and frighten him.

Michael may react negatively by sulking or crying, emotionally sensing a loss of his favorite places he loved to visit in his old area. However this experience for him may be positive. During a move, parents get the opportunity to learn more about their children, their reactions and feelings. After a successful house move, they may find that their child has become more independent. Michaels needs might consist of physically; food and drink to maintain energy when he starts school.

His shock and stress would have made him tired, or the school activities could have worn him out. Emotionally, he would need the feeling of safety provided for him, he was used to a safe environment with his family the sudden change for him should be made adaptable for him. Intellectually, he would need motivation – school gives a lot of new things to learn, he would need the push and belief of knowing he could cope. Michael also would need to be welcomed by other peers, to get on with others and be involved in group activities.

As for moving houses, especially in a different country, the parents play a major role in helping Michael adapt to the idea and area. The parents will have to support Michael emotionally. He needs to be explained and assured of things such as his toys are being put in boxes so they can be taken to the new home, otherwise Michael may worry about his toys, a form of comfort being taken away. The parents also should support them with true positive ideas of the new area, and new house, but still keeping old furniture to make him feel secure and comfortable to where they will be living.

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