Multiple Methods of Nursing and Personal Features

Professional Presence:

Physical Body is centered primarily on the physical facet of health such as drugs and surgery. The mind of consciousness is likened with functioning. Bio-psycho-social is centered more on consciousness. Physical Body focuses predominantly on the human as a Physical Body and what can be done to fix it physically. Bio-psycho-social states that the mind is unlimited and boundless. In Bio-psycho-social the understanding came about that a person’s mental health can affect their physical health as well as the health of other people around them (Dossey).

Mind-body medicine uses the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health (University of Maryland Medical Center).

While I agree that mindset has to be positive for a body to heal faster, the body with proper care and medicine will heal on its own, no matter what the thought process in within the patience’s mind. If the injury or illness the body is inflicted with is treatable with physical aids and medicine, it will heal.

When a patient that is suicidal patience come in, with his/her wrists cut, the physical injuries are treated, and medicine is given to avoid infections, the patience will heal, even though the mindset has not changed.1

In my 3 years as a nurse I have observed multiple methods of nursing. The bio-psycho-social model is the one that I relate to the most. I have witnessed the power of prayer at work in healing along with laughter and a positive outlook at work in the healing of individuals.

Furthermore, how a person’s beliefs can impact their mental, physical and emotional health. In my personal nursing practice I use a mindful approach. Mindfulness is defined as “a state of mind or mode of practice that permits the questioning of expectations, knowledge, and the adequacy of routines in complex and not fully predictable social, technological, and physical settings.

Mindfulness does not exclude or oppose the idea of routines, but may in fact build upon routinized action”. (Rerup, 2005; Levinthal and Rerup, 2006). I try to remain mindful as a nurse so that I may provide the best patient care possible as well as in my working relationships. If you are mindful of your surroundings it helps a person adapt to new situations easier.

Personality Preferences:

My Kiersey personality test results indicate that I am an Artisan. I relate to this assessment of me. I am usually daring without limits. I am never a stranger in a crowd of strangers. I can do most thing with my hands. Furthermore, I am always looking for the next adventure. I spent 25 years as a general contractor, always moving for work and then became a nurse where the adventures are endless. Artisans have the temperament and ability to naturally excel in art, athletics, military, mechanical and business.

They are most comfortable with solid objects that can be wielded or manipulated and experiencing real life events. Artisans seek action and adventure and constantly have a need for stimulation and pleasure. They are optimistic that the next throw of the dice will be the winner. (, 2014) It amazes me how accurately the description of an Artisan fits my personality with the exception of the fine arts. As my Grandfather always said “if I found Horse manure in my stocking I would go outside and look for the pony”. I am always looking for the diamond even though I am clearly in the rough.

Two potential challenges and/or barriers:

Keirsey summaries 4 types of temperaments: Guardian who think mainly of their duties while always obeying the rules and respecting the rights of others. This personality type can cause problems for an Artisan who sometimes will walk on the grey line of the rules. The Idealist acts in good conscience attempting to obtain their goals by not compromising their personal code of ethics. These personality types can have a problem with the Artisans who may do what it takes to reach their goal without a conscience thought at times.

The Rationals also known as the abstract utilitarians, is challenged by new solutions and are pragmatic thinking acting in an efficient manor to achieve their goals side stepping arbitrary rules if need. The Artisans can relate best with this personality because they would feel they are similar in achieving goals however would get frustrated at the drawing of a line. (, 2014) I feel conflict would come with the guardian because the guardian focuses on their duties while not bending the rules where, the artesian looks for ways to complete several projects at once and is willing to bend rules to get there. Each of these groups would look at each other with a sideways glance.

Mindful Practices:


  • Exercise on a regular basis. Minimum of 4 days a week
  • lose weight to get to a acceptable BMI


  • Balance family with work, school
  • Better self-care


  • Stress Reduction, except help from others.
  • Challenge myself, bye learning a new medication every day. Biographical/Spiritual Body:
  • Reconnect with my spiritual body
  • Reconnecting my family with their spirituality.

How to achieve these:


  • Spend at least 4 days a week in the Gym.
  • Eat healthier foods and decrease caffeine intake


• Create a schedule, allowing for, school, work, and family.

• I need to take more time for eating proper foods and less fast foods.


  • Reduce my stress bye realizing others are willing to help and trusting that they will help
  • I will look up one new mediation a day to expand my knowledge Biographical/Spiritual Body:
  • I just need to set aside my Sundays for church and not make up lame excuses
  • Bye attending church my family will go with me.

Healing Environments:

The Samueli Institute’s framework is “one heart at a time” Samueli (Institute, 2015), while Planetree believes that “we are human beings, caring for other human beings” (CHI Health, 2013). Both companies establish qualities of an optimal healing environment. Both organizations labor in the community to encourage healing environments, by creating flu clinics, as well as educating students, patients and families, and by providing psychosocial support to patients and their families. They also encourage healing environments with in the medical facilities by educating as well as offering psycho/social support to staff, and offering the best treatment possible to their patients.

The Samueli institution uses expectation, hope, belief, and understanding for the internal environment. For the interpersonal environment they focus on empathy, compassion, communication, and social support. As for the behavioral aspect they incorporate diet, exercise, relaxation, and addiction control. For the external they use color, music, aroma, and art (Samueli institute, 2012) Planetree’s approach is a patient centered culture for their internal environment. They use a patient family approach for the interpersonal environment. Like the Samueli for behavioral they use exercise, diet, and relaxation. The external environment they use art and architecture as well as sound (Planeetree, 2013).

I believe in the Planetree motto that “we are human beings taking care of other human beings” is an accurate statement. I continually try to remind myself of this statement. It is important to communicate with your patients what health and heeling is. I need to ensure that all my patients have the necessary resources to encourage a healing environment. I feel I do a good job with empathy and compassion but lack some in communication and offering social support. Through this research I gained insight into the importance of communicating with a patient and their family’s to ensure the best healing environment possible.


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Dossey, Larry (1999) “AConversation About the Future of Medicine”: Larry Dossey’s 3 Era’s in Healthcare) Planeetree, (2013). Approaches Levinthal and Rerup, (2006), Crossing an Apparent Chasm: Bridging Mindful and Less-Mindful

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( Keirsey,com. (2014) Keirsey Temperament Sorter-II Samueli Institute, (2015). Optimal Healing Environment. University of Maryland Medical Center (2013). Mind-Body Medicine.

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